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Now is the Health Insurance Season

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Where do we belong when we seek health insurance?

First, and very important thing is to learn to distinguish between programs and insurance related to our health:

1. Medicaid - a program for the poor and children (CHIP, KidCare, All Kids) and parents with relatively low incomes.

2. Health Insurance through Marketplace - reduced amounts of health insurance premiums according to individual or family income.

3. Health Insurance directly from the insurer - for people with relatively high and high incomes - over 4 times the poverty line plus other factors.

4. Health Insurance through an employer - the employer pays at least 20% of the amount of the selected plan, and may or may not offer to include an offer for the employee's family members. It can offer different participation with its help for different workers. (there are other details valid for small and large employers)

5. Medicare - insurance for people over 65 or people with specific diseases and disabilities. Medicare can be combined with Medicaid when incomes are very low. (October 15th – December 7th is the annual enrolment).

These are the main ways for insuring the different groups of the population in the country. There are some others that we do not comment on, due to their small percentage (railway workers, for example).

Annual inclusion in the health insurance for people under 65 is:

November 1st to December 15th

issue 20022

issue 2021-2022

issue 2021-2022

issue 2019-2020

for under and over 65

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