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A Personal Benefits Plan (PBP) is an alternative to group health insurance.  It is a benefit plan where each employee is given a Benefits Savings Account (BSA), funded by the employer, so that each employee can choose their own individual health insurance and other benefits!

  • We help you set a budget, based on actual individual health insurance premiums, and each employee gets to choose their own benefits package
  • We help each employee every step of the way, with one-on-one personal guidance and support from an insurance expert
  • Employees use their Benefit Savings Account to pay for the benefits they select
  • Benefits may include life, dental, disability, or any other coverage an employee may need
  • It’s the smart alternative to group health insurance

Why a PBP?

Why provide benefits this way? Better for your employees, and better for you.     

  • Employee satisfaction.  Employees overwhelmingly prefer to choose their own benefits package than have group health insurance.
  • Eliminates the waste inherent in group health insurance, such as dual coverage, minimum enrollment rules, exclusion from subsidies and cost sharing, having to buy a plan for everyone based on the sickest person in the group, and so forth.
  • The result is, for most employers and their employees, a PBP gives everyone more optimal coverage, and typically costs about 30% less than group health insurance
  • Plan stability and simplicity- each person gets what they want, and can change it if they like, and the plan isn’t disrupted.  And, you don’t have to choose for them
  • May reduce or eliminate future rate increases
  • Exempt from nondiscrimination rules, so you can adjust the amount you give to each employee, based on each employee’s unique needs
  • Eliminates ACA administrative and regulatory hassles.  No COBRA, no reporting.

Next Step

  • Free Comparative Analysis, by an AHR specially trained independent insurance broker, comparing the cost of your current group health insurance, including employee out-of-pocket expenses, and the cost of a Personal Benefits Plan for your group.
  • It’s a true apple to apples comparison, so that you can decide what is best for your employees and your company.  Again, it’s free, and you have no obligation! 

Anna Ruseva, certified agent under ACA requirements and benefits specialist.

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