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Affordable Care Act is still the Law for 2018
Affordable Care Act is still the Law for 2018

The Open Enrollment Period Ends December 15th, 2017 (period)!

We have 45 days to select a new health insurance plan, or enroll for first time.

The President action to stop checks issued to Insurers for health insurance premium subsidies affects deductibles and co-insurance on Silver (the heavily subsidized category) plans. Premiums which are using tax credit, are same or lower for Du Page, Cook and Lake counties.

BCBS is offering reasonable plans in a low and high price range. Ambetter is in a middle premium range. Cigna is trying to be the most affordable offeror, but its networks are small. Some counties have one insurance company as offeror only.

After 4 enrollment seasons, insurance companies gained experience to navigate the market by using all tools given to them from the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). 

Kaiser Family Foundation seminar is expressing briefly:

Most insurers applied an extra 2018 premium increase just to silver plans to offset loss of CSR (cost sharing reduction) reimbursement from the federal government – CSR subsidies are available only in silver plans

 • As a result, the premium for silver plans in most areas will increase much more than will premiums for bronze or gold plans

• That means the dollar value of premium tax credits will also increase substantially in 2018 – Premium tax credit amount is tied to the cost of the benchmark silver plan – Premium tax credit can be applied to any metal-level Marketplace plan

 • Some insurers applied the extra 2018 premium increase just to silver plans offered through the Marketplace”

The foundation seminar is adding:

How will 2018 premium increases affect consumers? Premium tax credit will absorb the rate increase for subsidy-eligible individuals • People who continue to buy the benchmark Silver plan – or a cheaper plan – will be able to pay about the same monthly premium in 2018 or less • People may also find other deals. After considering the tax credit, consumers may find the net premium for bronze and gold plans in 2018 is more affordable than it was in 2017 • People who are not eligible for subsidies can avoid the CSR premium increase if they select other plans.”

The entire campaign against the Affordable Care Act - Obama Care still not working. We have 45 days to select a new health insurance plan, or enroll for first time.

Practical example:

59 years old, female with $36,000 MAGI (modified adjusted gross income), County, can chose between the following monthly premiums: from $1 up to $522.

Families with two and more kids and up to $95,400 MAGI can receive substantial tax credit.

Having medical insurance coverage - What should you do now?
  • What can you do?

Free prophylactic is part of your coverage. The new law was written exactly with preliminary care in mind.

  • Where to do it?

In your insurance’s provider network for less out of pocket expense. Register on the insurance company’s web site> Search for medical providers>Call the insurance company to verify>Call to schedule appointment for first doctor’s visit>When at appointment, inform them why you are there: Free prophylactic exams

  • What if it appears that I have medical issues and need more medical tests and care?

 Discuss your situation with the insurance agent, following with insurance company; involve your doctor and hospital. You should comprehend the information given to you and make informed decisions. Many factors will play role.

  • What else I can do?

While still healthy, purchase disability insurance, life insurance and supplemental insurance in case you don’t have a large amount of cash $$$. These policies have a great potential to add cash to your pocket when you are on medical leave, or in a critical medical situation.

  • Doesn’t it cost a lot?

When planned and done on time, it doesn’t.

When approached at time of need, it may be unavailable or unbearable.


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